August 17, 2014


Art and entertainment industry site Coloured CG has a feature of my book Born In Concrete: The EK Series. The article is full of page samples and a video flip-through of the book. You can check it out here.

Thanks to George C. Antohi and Coloured CG.

August 15, 2014


An interview I did for a feature on my work in 2D Artist magazine a few months ago has been re-published by So if you missed it, or didn't pick up a copy of the magazine, you can check out the interview here.

Thanks again to Jess Serjent-Tipping, and 3D Total.

August 2, 2014


Here is a first look at the printed master sculpt for the first figure in the upcoming 3 figure EK Cosmonaut Series. Modeled by Gene Campbell, with printing and model breakout by Desmondo at Ownage, this 1/8th scale resin model kit will be released by Industria Mechanika in the fall.

This release will be followed by 2 more figures from the same original EK piece "Model".

I'll post again when the kit is available for pre-order.

Thanks to Gene, Des, and Michael for all their awesome work!

July 4, 2014


Here are few more pieces I did for Tiny Realms, a casual, cartoony real time strategy game created by local Victoria, BC based Tiny Mob Games. These are some of the character class portrait images I did for promotional and in-game use.

Tiny Realms has had a soft launch in Canada on iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded by users in that region here. After a summer of tweaking and gathering and integrating feedback, Tiny Realms will have a full release in the fall. 

More info at:

Thanks to Jamie and Paul at Tiny Mob!

June 20, 2014


Here is small look at the first release of several of upcoming model kits based on my work and produced by Industria Mechanika. The series, titled the "EK Cosmonaut Series", features 3 figures from an older piece of mine called "Model". The master sculpts were created by the talented Gene Campbell (the same modeller that sculpted the Dystopic kit) and they are amazingly accurate and detailed.

Production again is by Industria Mechanika, so the quality level will be high, and Gene's amazing sculpts will be faithfully recreated in resin. This time around the the models are going to produced at 1/8th scale, so the price point and shipping costs will be lower than the Dystopic kit. We are looking at a fall release for this first figure, then the next two kits will be released in sequence after that. 

And for those that are still looking for Dystopic kits, they are currently sold out, but a 3rd run is on the way.

I'll keep you posted on dates and details.

Thanks to Michael, Des, and Gene for all their hard work!

June 18, 2014


There is a small feature on my work over at visual art site Colored CG. Check it out here.

This is relatively new site, but there are some great artists featured on there, as well as studios, schools, books, etc., so it is worth taking a look.

Thanks to George at Colored CG.

June 9, 2014


I finally found some time to add some of my EK pieces to my Art Station account. You can check it out here:

Since the sudden demise of CGHUB earlier this year, Art Station seems to be shaping up as the premier social community/portfolio site for entertainment artists. It is well worth a browse, as it is full of amazing work by from a host of incredible artists from across the entertainment industry. Take a look at:

June 7, 2014


Here are a few character promotional images I created for Tiny Mob Games upcoming free-to-play mobile real time strategy game Tiny Realms.

As mentioned in the last post the visual style of Tiny Realms is quite playful, utilizing exaggerated proportions, a "cartoony"sensibility, and iconic fantasy design motifs. It can be a fun style to play around with. As promotional pieces I was painting these up using character designs created by Mike Deas and Paul Dowd over at Tiny Mob.

Several character/unit types from three playable factions: Human, Dwarf and Tegu, which will be available in the initial release of the game, are featured in these promotional pieces. 

Finally here are couple character types from a forth faction of Orcs, that is also present in the game as an adversarial group. I believe there are plans to make this a playable faction in the future.

Tiny Mod are launching a limited release of Tiny Realms later this month. A wider release will follow sometime after that, probably in the fall. For more info. on Tiny Realms check out the sites:

Thanks to the guys at Tiny Mob!

April 23, 2014


Here are a few pieces I created for an up coming free-to-play mobile/tablet game called Tiny Realms. Produced by Tiny Mob Games, Tiny Realms is a fantasy based real time strategy game that is scheduled to be released later this spring.

Designed for the "mid-core" market, Tiny Realms is a casual game and the visual style is very playful. These images were done on a pretty tight schedule, but it was fun to have the chance to work on something this cartoony again. Besides the game logo, these images were created to be used in the intro sequence of Tiny Realms and had to be illustrated in layers so they could be animated. Pans, shifting layers to add parallax and depth, subtle effects, etc. were added to the images for the intro.

Thanks to Jamie Toghill, Paul Dowd and Mike Deas (who is handling most of the concept design for this project) at Tiny Mob for the direction, feedback, and for being a pleasure to work with.

Tiny Realms will be released later in Spring 2014, first on iPhone and iPad, but then I believe it will be coming out on Android, Facebook, etc. soon after that. For more info. check it out at:

April 14, 2014


I recently had a chat with Ash Thorp on his internet show "The Collective". Ash is a talented designer/illustrator/motion graphics artist in the film industry and he hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to  having conversations with entertainment industry professionals. The show is very casual, being more of a free form conversation as opposed to an interview. During the course of the show we hit upon many different subjects including my book, work/life balance, self reflection and much more, so if you are interested you can check it out here: The Collective, ep.46 - Derek Stenning

Ash also has piles of other episodes of The Collective on his SoundCloud site, featuring amazing artists including Scott Robertson, Anthony Jones, Jeff Simpson, and Ryan Hawkins just to name a few. Visit The Collective and take a look.

Thanks to Ash Thorp for having me on!

April 6, 2014


Here is an promotional illustration I did recently for Tiny Mob Games. Tiny Mob are a small, but growing game developer located in Victoria BC,  that focus on creating casual/mobile/social games for the "mid-core" market. You can check them out at :

Tiny Mob are currently finishing up their first title and they are planning on launching it later this spring. I had the chance to contribute to that project so I'll post some of that work once the project has been announced.

Thanks to Paul and Jamie at Tiny Mob.

March 15, 2014


Some pieces from my Entartete Kunst series have been featured in the latest, and 5th edition of the Fantasy+ art book. A small interview is also included along with my work. 

This is a great book, full of amazing work by artists from all over the world. Other artists featured include Matt Gaser, Tran Nguyen, Dennis Brown, Yu Donglu, Justin Hernandez, and many more I should mention, but I won't list them all here! 

Thanks to Vincent Zhao for asking me to be part of this book.

Fantasy+ 5 - The World's Most Imaginative Artworks is published by CYPI Press and is out now so go pick one up.
Cover art by Kerem Beyit.

March 8, 2014


A few pieces from my Entartete Kunst series were licensed by Dutch experimental/psychedelic beat artist Kensho to be used as covers for EP's in his new trilogy, Welcome to the Continuum. 

You can check out his work at his Bandcamp site, or on various online music outlets like Beatport, etc.

Thanks to Jakobus van der Ploeg.

February 15, 2014


Work from my Enartete Kunst series is on the cover and is featured in a 10 page article/interview in the February edition of 2D Artist Magazine. Topics covered include the EK Series, freelance work, concept art, and my book.

I had done character design walkthrough for 2D Artist last September, and it was great to work with them again.

This issue is also filled with great work from Calum Alexander Watt, Kurt Papstein, Geoffrey Ernault and B. Börkur Eiríksson, just to name a few. Check out a preview of the issue here.

Thanks to Jess Serjent-Tipping for the opportunity.