March 1, 2011


This is a piece I created for the cover of the upcoming issue of Rooms Art Uncovered Magazine. Rooms is a London based quarterly art magazine that offer their publication in both print and as a downloadable .pdf. Each issue is full of an eclectic mix of art and is worth checking out.

The theme of this piece was inspired by the concept of the magazine: "rooms is dedicated to all those spaces which are filled with ideas, emotions and creativity, and our mission is to uncover all these artist's dens and bring to light as much art as possible".

I pushed this statement through the "EK Filter" and came up this piece that features a cosmonaut, the motif for the artist, creative force in this work, emerging from a capsule or room. He is surrounded by other capsules that are also filled with individuals, ideas, and emotions but at the moment he is the only one brave enough (or foolish enough), to expose himself to the outside world. In the inset panel on the left the close up of his face gives us the impression that he isn't quite sure of himself, but because he is driven by passion, he carries on.

Wicked Golden Dawn font courtesy of Hydro 74/Legacy of Defeat.

In addition to the cover I'll have some work featured on the inside of the issue along with an interview. I'll post again when I get the details.

High res. and details at my Flickr.


  1. Nice one, interpretation of the theme. The inset panel is a nice way to set it off.

  2. Hi, Derek.

    I'm not to sure if you remember, but when you we're at Capilano University as a guest lecturer for our class, you mentioned to me and my friend about a possible summer intern-ship at Next Level Games. I had a problem trying to find your email, so I'm going to leave mine here if you need to contact me.

    I hope that your in good health, and I wish you the best.

    From an aspiring animator/cartoonist

  3. This is fantastic Derek. You beautiful bastard!