December 2, 2012


Here is an illustration I did for the latest issue of Wired magazine. It was for an article on the old Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. My older brother had a stack of Choose Your Own Adventure paperbacks that I used to read through when I was a kid (and my Dad still has them at the house last time i checked). I really enjoyed them back then, so getting a chance to work on something related to the series was a pleasure.

As I was drawing on my childhood memory and emotion, my original sketches for the illustration were much more playful (as seen below), and put a lot more emphasis on the books, and elements from the article. But Wired was looking for something more akin to my "EK" illustrations and wanted something a little more ambiguous as they felt this would appeal more to their mature readership, so we ended up with the image above, with it's restrained colour scheme and more serious forms. In the image the concept of choice is represented subtly, and is somewhat overshadowed by the sense of danger. We also decided to bleed the image out of it's frame to allow it to merge with the body of the article.

This issue is out on the shelves (and in tablet form), and as is the case with Wired, is filled with cool and interesting stuff. Big thanks to Gus Wezerek for his thoughts, input and the gig!

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