March 30, 2009


While not a favorite in the series, this one has some redeeming qualities. I thought palette, subject matter, text treatment and the depth worked well on this one.

March 26, 2009


Here are a few more images from "Entartete Kunst". These two pieces are paired together and represent the two interlocking triangles of the hexagram, "The Chalice" (blue), and "The Blade" (red). The Chalice represents the aspiration of the artist, magician, etc., while the The Blade represents the inspiration that comes down from the Genius, Daemon, Holy Guardian Angel etc.

If you believe in any of that stuff.........

March 25, 2009


After getting tired of Quarless's badgering, and the need to have some sort of online presence for promotional purposes I've started a blog.

For the time being posts will mainly consist of pieces from "Entartete Kunst", a personal project I'm using to explore a less structured, more expressive way of creating art (as opposed to my day to day job as a video game concept artist).

This image is the 2nd in the series, entitled "Milkcow".