October 29, 2016


Here is a link to an interview I did with educational/inspirational art site Pencil Kings. We talk about freelancing, working while traveling, a few other topics....and if you listen carefully you can hear my wife messing around in the kitchen! 

Thanks to Mitch Bowler at Pencil Kings.

October 20, 2016


Here is some character art I did for the new Anki Overdrive expansion "SuperTrucks". Supertrucks introduces 2 new large trucks to Overdrive along with new game modes and new commanders. These commanders are a group of misfits and outlaws from an area of the  Overdrive universe known as the Badlands. They were super fun to design and paint up.....with their more random, rougher design. My son and I can't wait to get one of these trucks to see how they mix things up on the track! 

Thanks to Eddie Visser!