June 20, 2014


Here is small look at the first release of several of upcoming model kits based on my work and produced by Industria Mechanika. The series, titled the "EK Cosmonaut Series", features 3 figures from an older piece of mine called "Model". The master sculpts were created by the talented Gene Campbell (the same modeller that sculpted the Dystopic kit) and they are amazingly accurate and detailed.

Production again is by Industria Mechanika, so the quality level will be high, and Gene's amazing sculpts will be faithfully recreated in resin. This time around the the models are going to produced at 1/8th scale, so the price point and shipping costs will be lower than the Dystopic kit. We are looking at a fall release for this first figure, then the next two kits will be released in sequence after that. 

And for those that are still looking for Dystopic kits, they are currently sold out, but a 3rd run is on the way.

I'll keep you posted on dates and details.

Thanks to Michael, Des, and Gene for all their hard work!

June 18, 2014


There is a small feature on my work over at visual art site Colored CG. Check it out here.

This is relatively new site, but there are some great artists featured on there, as well as studios, schools, books, etc., so it is worth taking a look.

Thanks to George at Colored CG.

June 9, 2014


I finally found some time to add some of my EK pieces to my Art Station account. You can check it out here: artstation.com/artist/Derek_Stenning

Since the sudden demise of CGHUB earlier this year, Art Station seems to be shaping up as the premier social community/portfolio site for entertainment artists. It is well worth a browse, as it is full of amazing work by from a host of incredible artists from across the entertainment industry. Take a look at: artstation.com

June 7, 2014


Here are a few character promotional images I created for Tiny Mob Games upcoming free-to-play mobile real time strategy game Tiny Realms.

As mentioned in the last post the visual style of Tiny Realms is quite playful, utilizing exaggerated proportions, a "cartoony"sensibility, and iconic fantasy design motifs. It can be a fun style to play around with. As promotional pieces I was painting these up using character designs created by Mike Deas and Paul Dowd over at Tiny Mob.

Several character/unit types from three playable factions: Human, Dwarf and Tegu, which will be available in the initial release of the game, are featured in these promotional pieces. 

Finally here are couple character types from a fourth faction of Orcs, that is also present in the game as an adversarial group. I believe there are plans to make this a playable faction in the future.

Tiny Mod are launching a limited release of Tiny Realms later this month. A wider release will follow sometime after that, probably in the fall. For more info. on Tiny Realms check out the sites:

Thanks to the guys at Tiny Mob!