April 19, 2013


Industria Mechanika has released the 2nd edition of the Dystopic model kit. The first edition sold out several months back, so if you missed them the first time around here is your chance to pick one up. 

Apparently a portion of this second release is being picked up by a Japanese dealer, so if you want a kit, act fast before they are gone.

The kits should be all packed up and ready to ship in a few weeks.

April 7, 2013


Some of my Entartete Kunst pieces are now available as wallpapers over at Kuvva. Kuvva is a curated Mac/iPhone gallery that streams art on to the desktop/home screen of your Apple devices. They have some great content in the gallery including work by Oliver Jeffers, Atelier Olschinsky and Alvaro Tapia-Hidalgo to name a few.

Check it out at their blog, and/or the Kuvva site.