July 1, 2012


Here is one I finished a while back, but due to a mixture of business and laziness, I'm just getting around to posting now. I picked away at this one while I was bouncing back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver before I finally settled here on the island. It features one of our cosmonaut characters that has apparently switched his allegiance, trading in his orbs for geometric structures. This treachery is further symbolized by the hexagram on his helmet that has been scratched away to form a square and the hexagonal geometry in the background that has been faceted to form cubes.  

While I guess there were a couple things that could have led me to feel the need to create a piece using this subject matter, I won't labor over them here. Largely the concept just came out of the idea and the visual of swapping out the orbs for cubes.

Higher res. and additional details at my Flickr.