June 29, 2015


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am shutting down my webshop while I'm living and travelling over in Europe for the next year. Response to the shop was great and I spent sometime this weekend packing up the last orders that will be shipped out today. Thanks again to everyone that picked something up! 

My book is still available on Amazon and at other book retailers, and for those interested in the model kits based on my work, Industria Mechanika has the second figure in EK Cosmonaut Series available for pre-order now (shipping next month). Plus they will have the 2nd edition of the first figure back in stock next month, and the 1/6 scale Dystopic will be back in stock in the fall.

Thanks again!

June 25, 2015


The second figure in the 3 kit EK Cosmonaut Series is now available for  pre-orders at Industria Mechanika's online shop. As with the last figure in the series, this one is a 1/8th scale, highly detailed resin model (with a few metal and acrylic pieces as well) that faithfully recreates my original painting.

Expertly modelled by Gene Campbell, this kit has had a lot of interest since it was announced so if you are interested in getting one it would be best to pre-order now.

Last month I posted the master print/sculpt that was printed by Desmoda at Ownage, but here I've included some of Gene's renders to show off his great work and attention to detail.

Kits are shipping at the end of July 2015. Go here to check it out at the IMech Shop!

June 23, 2015


This summer I'm packing up and moving my family to France, to live and travel around Europe for a year. I'm still going to be working while I'm over there, so those interested in freelance commissions can still contact me through my website, email, etc. Unfortunately I will be closing the shop on my website while I'm away, as lugging around books and prints won't be possible. Response to the shop has been great and thanks to everyone that ordered a signed book, prints, t-shirts, etc. I haven't restocked a lot of the items as I knew I was leaving the country, but there is some stock left, so if you want something out of there now is the time to order!

Au revoir! 

June 5, 2015


Here is an EK piece created for use as a single colour graphic on EK "Herald" t-shirts. This graphic was created some time ago, but now that these shirts have finally been released, I figure I should also finally post about the artwork!

This piece is unique in the series, with its single colour graphic treatment, as almost all the other images in the EK Series are fully rendered, fully coloured pieces (except a couple silkscreen pieces done many years ago). I prefer my t-shirt graphics to be simple, 1/2 colour designs….as I like the bold, clean feel, so I felt that this was the right approach for this piece.

These t's were originally created to accompany prints of my work that were being exhibited and sold through the ARTISHOX gallery in Belgium, and through their online store, ARTISHOPIX. Unfortunately, in late 2013 right before the t's went into production, the ARTISHOX gallery had to be closed due to the owner's personal/health issues. At this point I figured I would sell the t's off my own website, but due to a busy schedule, I ended up sitting on the design for a year. By early 2015 I had found some time to open a shop on my new website and now the t-shirts are up on there for sale.

Most of the first batch of t's have sold, but there are a few of most sizes still available. I won't be re-stocking them for some time, as I am moving to France for a year (I'll post about that in the near future), but well see if I can get some going before I get back. So if you want to grab one before they are gone, they are available at: borninconcrete.com/shop/ 

On a positive note, the owner of the ARTISHOX gallery has made a complete recovery, and is doing well, running a media company and is even in the early stages of opening a new gallery.