June 25, 2015


The second figure in the 3 kit EK Cosmonaut Series is now available for  pre-orders at Industria Mechanika's online shop. As with the last figure in the series, this one is a 1/8th scale, highly detailed resin model (with a few metal and acrylic pieces as well) that faithfully recreates my original painting.

Expertly modelled by Gene Campbell, this kit has had a lot of interest since it was announced so if you are interested in getting one it would be best to pre-order now.

Last month I posted the master print/sculpt that was printed by Desmoda at Ownage, but here I've included some of Gene's renders to show off his great work and attention to detail.

Kits are shipping at the end of July 2015. Go here to check it out at the IMech Shop!

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