April 1, 2009


Last year I designed the graphics for Endeavor Snowboard Design's 09/10 Diamond Series. As a women's freeride board the graphic was meant to encompass the ideas of strength and beauty. The overall style (linework with "hits" of colour), was predetermined but I had complete control over the content. So I created a hand drawn visual collage constructed from elements that symbolized these two ideas in magick, mythology, and the Qabala.

Above is a shot of the preproduction model (thats why the graphic is a little off center), my final design sheet with the topsheet and the two bases as well as a sample of one of the clothing pieces created using the artwork.

This project was a blast. Big thanks to Max at Endeavor for giving me the opportunity and for keeping me on track with the base graphics! Thanks to Rory Doyle for setting the whole thing up! Photos courtesy of Endeavor Snowboard Design.

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