May 27, 2011


Last week a couple of my pieces showed up on the cover of issue #3093 of Serbian comic/entertainment magazine, Politikin Zabavnik. While it is flattering to have my work considered for the cover of this popular and historic magazine, my work was used without permission, and was altered/censored (hexagrams and text elements removed), from it's original form without consent.

It is unfortunate that the the editors at Politikin Zabavnik didn't just ask to use my work. I'm happy to cross promote with magazines, I've done this in the past, and I'll do it again in the future. If they had asked me in the first place, I could have provided them with high resolution images that would have made their cover, and my artwork, look better (as opposed to scaling up low res. images off the web for print).

The altering/censoring of my work without consent is completely unacceptable. If they had an issue with certain elements contained within my work, or thought that these elements would be potentially offensive to their readership, then that should have been a clear sign not to have used my work on the cover of their magazine. To add insult to injury, their paint over job is poor, creating a false impression of the work.

I don't know if anymore of my work appears within the magazine itself, and if so, if these images have been treated in the same disrespectful manner.
I've sent an email over to the editors of Politikin Zabavnik asking for an explanation. Not surprisingly, I haven't received a response yet......

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