October 30, 2012


After a busy summer/early fall peppered with vacations, numerous house guests, several freelance gigs, and a few busy patches at work I finally got around to finishing up a new EK piece. This one was inspired by a photo of a jellyfish I happened to stumble across online a while back and then evolved as I worked it up. Originally this piece had a horizontal composition and much stronger blue/water colour scheme. After messing around with it I thought it felt better with the figure hanging below orb/jellyfish, reinforcing the dominance of the orb and giving the figure more of a sense of helplessness. The blue/water was removed as it was too literal, so it was pushed more towards green and I brought in the purple to murk it up and to help the yellow accents pop.

The subtext "Madness becomes method" comes from the original Entartete Kunst exhibit, as one of the deriding slogans used to insult the style and forms of modern art. Here it is employed, albeit in an overly dramatic fashion, to represent my current feelings towards this project. While it was nice to work on a personal piece after an extended break, and I'm happy with the finished piece,  this was the first EK piece that felt a little like work. This is a good indication that it is time to finish up the last few pieces in this series and move on to new creations.

Higher res and details at my Flickr.

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  1. Nice one, Derek. Great to see some new work! As soon as I read "Method becomes Madness" I figured you must be just about done with EK. Looking forward to seeing the final pieces and whatever comes next.

    Hope all is well on the rock, we'll have to catch up soon!