July 3, 2013


After 4 years of picking away at this series in my free time this project has come to an end. This series was started as a way to get back to creating "my own art" after a long period of not doing so, and as a way to confront certain artistic biases I had picked up during 10 years as a commercial artist. By balancing my artistic output (personal vs. professional), and by adopting techniques I had once shunned (in a way creating what I might have once considered degenerate art/entartete kunst), this project has rejuvenated me creatively. The work itself was the most rewarding, but it has also been fun to see the series expand into areas I could never have imagined: exhibitions, prints, snowboard graphics, model kits, book and magazine covers (and my fav., an album cover for a Russian metal band). I'm now off to create some new work that I have wanted to get started on for some time.

That being said, it isn't really the end as there will be more EK related material released in the not too distant future. To cap off the series I'll be putting a book together that contains all the pieces from the series, the design materials from the collaborations, a process section and a bunch of EK material that has never seen the light of day. I'll post again when this book is further along, and when I have more info. I also have some more model kits based on figures from the EK Series in the works with Industria Mechanika, and a few other EK related items that will surface later.

It will be weird not painting large helmets and floating orbs anymore, but it is time to move on. When I look back at this project it will always put a smile on my face, as above all, it was always fun to work on. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. loved the series, loved the work. I can't wait to see the next thing. Hope all is well.

  2. Yeah Dude! Can't believe how far the series went after the first batch!


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