March 5, 2016


Here is a cover illustration I did for Rebels, the follow up book to Randoms, David Liss's young reader, sci-fi, action-adventure epic. As with the first book, the illustration is a full cover wrap, including the inner flaps, and features the protagonist Zeke Reynolds and portraits of the other main characters from the story. The graphic line elements were retained from the first cover, although in a more aggressive way, and again I created the logo for the book.

Randoms was well received, and this sequel shares the same level of humour, action, and drama as the first book. Those who liked Randoms won't be disappointed. 

Rebels is due for release late summer 2016 by Simon & Schuster......and hopefully a third instalment will follow! 

Thanks to Lizzy Bromley at Simon & Schuster.

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