May 12, 2016


The final figure in the 1/8th scale EK Cosmonaut Series is now available for pre-orders over at Industria Mechanika. The ETA for shipping is late May 2016.

As with the other kits this sculpt was done by the talented Gene Campbell and features the same high quality production and materials.

The other two kits in the series have also restocked at Industria if you missed them before, you can pick up the whole series! 


  1. While i love your design, but the kit i got for the EK COSMONAUT #1 really made me sad.

    1) There were missing part(s). I search through and through for those bags that contain the parts and i can't find it.

    2) The casting for the left leg joint to the main body were bad. The gap is rather big. Even if i can putty it, the details will be gone.

    3) Industrial Mechanika had not responded. If they are going to do anything or nothing about it. I had feedback the above issues to their FB page and orders page about the missing parts.

    I'm sorry if its the wrong channel to make such a feedback cos im just too disappointed. Its an original kit i'm buying here and i expect some quality. Not re-casters.

    If you guys will have challenges sending the missing parts or faulty parts (i consider). I will not mind paying for another kit say the Cosmonaut #2 or #3 and you guys can have it packed in the box. Thanks for reading this.

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