February 20, 2010


As the Entartete Kunst project grew out of a need to move away from production art (something I have create almost daily as a concept artist), I thought it might be interesting to try and create a piece of production art, a model sheet, based on the figures seen in the series. It soon became difficult and felt wrong so the final product was scaled back from the original intention. I couldn't bring myself to create a character turnaround or get to formal or final with the details and any attempt to describe the design elements only produced more questions. But in the end I think I prefer it that way, choosing interpretation and subjectivity over the rigid structure of design.

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  1. Hey D,
    I think this turned into something really interesting. I can see how difficult it would be to view this Art project through a Production Design lens, since the inspiration is more spiritual than functional although ultimately the designs are both. The exercise of you ascribing formal functions to the design elements that are more vehicles for aesthetic and symbolic expression and exposing your own creative process in doing so is the real "art" of this piece. Nice one.