February 19, 2011


For the last three years every January/February has been a rough time of year for me. With kids that during the winter months are bringing home illness, and me, with what must be one of the weakest immune systems known to man, I'm constantly sick. This aligns with a number of mandatory social engagements that cannot be missed. Work at the studio always seems to be crazy busy during these months and I usually have a number of side projects on the go that require attention. This all adds up to me being completely drained physically and mentally.

I think I stated working on this piece in anticipation of all this descending on me but so far this year has been different. I haven't been sick (unfortunately the kids still have), mandatory social engagements have been minimal (and the ones I have attended are enjoyable because I don't feel like crap), and work at the office hasn't been busy at all. My energy levels are high and I'm excited about the side projects and personal work that I have on the go.

Now I'd like to think that I felt the need to work on this piece because I was being told that I was done with be plagued in this fashion. Time will tell. Knock on wood!


  1. Good to hear you are doing better than what you describe as before, Derek. :D This piece is beautiful. I got my copy of Spectrum and was so happy to see your art in it! I showed a few of my friends in Art school and ... well... bragged a little! haha :D I love the Spectrum books, I bought 4 in 2 months and just can't be without them. I miss seeing you at Opus. Hope the kids are doing alright despite usual colds. Hope this year brings you more energy, more art and more fun! :D


  2. Thanks Jamie! Miss seeing you too. Good luck with everything at art school. Keep in touch - Derek