February 4, 2012


Here is a pic of the piece I had published in the latest edition of Serbian comic anthology Stripolis. This independent publication is the brainchild of Serbian comic author and illustrator Branko Djukic and a small group of collaborators. Their goal is to revive the production of, and the interest in, the ailing Serbian comics industry. This is the third volume of Stripolis to be published.

When Branko asked if I would be interested in contributing a piece to be included in the book, I was eager to participate. I've had a first hand experience of the poor state of the Serbian comic industry. Last May several of my pieces were stolen, altered, and used on the cover of the leading Serbian comics publication Politkin Zabavnik.

Not only is the book full of nice work, but the intentions of the creators and collaborators are commendable. Copies of Stripolis #3 can be ordered through the Stripolis website.

Thanks again to Branko Djukic for inviting me to contribute to Stripolis #3